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Greetings & Welcome to the Official Website of Charles (Q Bone) Rachal.

Feel free to explore the content in the site with an open mind. My website was created for one to gain knowledge of me and my Endeavors. To educate people, organizations, clergy, politicians & the community in the fundamentals of gang intervention, and prevention reintegration.

I am a Public speaker, Urbanologist, Community Liaison, Father, Big Brother, and Life Coach. As you explore the website you will have the rare opportunity to see what I do to keep the peace within myself & to help others. I am inspirational & motivational.

Some say it’s a recession and that’s why our Communities are going haywire with gang violence. That's not the problem in my eyes. I hope you see there is a solution to violence.

I have represented the Inner City's & townships across the globe who our looking to change the perception that's put on them due to gang activity & poverty. That's not always the factor, you can excel to your fullest potential. I will educate your Community Organizations, places of Worship and Families about staying safe and being successful. All that being said Welcome and hope I AM the solution to the problem.


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